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Compact LED Handheld Illuminated Magnifiers:

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B7146     16.0 D/5.0 X    
B7147     24.0 D/7.0 X    
B7148     32.0 D/9.0 X    
B7271     40.0 D/11.0 X    
B7270     8.0 D/3.0 X    

Superbrite LED Handheld Magnifier Kits:

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B8700     10 Piece Kit    
B9400     18-Piece and Kit    
B7100     5-Piece Kit    

Superbrite LED Handheld Magnifiers:

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B3796     10X      B3796-Y
B4796     12X      B4796-Y
B5796     14X      B5796-Y
B9796     3.5X      B9796-Y
B8796     3X      B8796-Y
B0796     4X      B0796-Y
B1796     5X      B1796-Y
B6796     6X      B6796-Y
B7796     7X      B7796-Y
B2796     8X      B2796-Y

Superbrite LED Stand Magnifiers:

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B4596     10X     
B2496     12X     
B4496     14X     
B8496     3X 10D     
B9496     3X 8D     
B1596     4X     
B0596     5X     
B5596     6X     
B2596     7X     
B3596     8X     

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